03. Mei 2020 - 17:30 sampai 22:30
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Workshop: Modern JavaScript Patterns and Practices w/Michael Chan | TBD | Minggu, 03. Mei 2020

Can’t keep up with JavaScript?
Feeling a little #javascirptfatigue?
Are you lost when it comes to modern best practices?
Modern JavaScript Patterns and Practices is the workshop for you.
In this 4 hour workshop, gain confidence in the latest and greatest that JavaScript has to offer.This isn’t just a lecture where you watch an instructor bark features at you. Nope, you’ll be getting your hands dirty with all the ooie-gooie JavaScript you can handle.We’ll cover 3 stumbling blocks that confuse all JavaScript developers: modules, immutability, and the infamous `this`.
But that’s not it, I want you to know all that sweet, sugary syntax that makes ES2015 and later a dream to work with. • Promises • Arrow functions • Class • Destructuring assignment • Rest/Spread • The new Array and Object methods…
New functionality, new syntax, a new understanding of `this`?!
This course is going to be a blast and you’ll walk away with new excitement for what you can do with JavaScript.

About the instructor
Michael Chan is a second career web developer. He has a business degree and 10 years of accounting experience that went up in flames during the financial collapse of 2008.
He's now an international speaker and React educator. He loves helping second-career devs jumpstart their career with React at learnreact.com.