05. Juli 2021 - 9:00
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KEEPERS OF THE LAKES | The Great Lakes | Senin, 05. Juli 2021

This is a call to those who love the Great Lakes, particularly the women. Because we are able too give life, we have been the Water Keepers of indigenous peoples throughout time. And because we care for each new generation, we are the moral compass of the nations. When we come together, there is no stopping us.
The Great Lakes are in trouble. While it has been years since Lake Erie caught fire, bright green algae blooms fed by agricultural runoff can be seen from outer space. Invasive species ride in with commercial tankers and pose a major threat to fragile ecosystems and local economies. And while we have seen tremendous progress through the joint efforts of Canada and the United States, it must be sustained.
The Great Lakes hold twenty percent of the planet’s fresh water supply and yet it has taken years for the residents of Flint, Michigan to regain access to clean drinking water. Each time raw sewage flows over Niagara Falls, the entire world cringes. This job is ours to do and we must not fail.
In early July of 2021, 120 women from each of the five Great Lakes will start out by canoe for Washington DC.
By mid November, we will land on the shores of the Potomac and march on the American Capitol.......600 women strong.
Join us!