02. Mei 2021 - 19:00 sampai 22:00
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Cover Letter & Resume Workshop | Baltimore | Minggu, 02. Mei 2021

Learn how to write the perfect cover letter and resume that will get you more job offers.
If you have been struggling with your job search, chances are it is because your cover letter and resume are not doing a good job of representing you. Most hiring managers only spend six seconds reviewing your materials. If you do not provide a compelling pitch, they will not take the time to learn more about you.
In todays global economy, now more than ever you must take the time to learn how to market and sell yourself. And this all starts with your cover letter and resume. In our online workshop, we are going to teach you the exact methods you need to use to convey the benefit and your unique selling proposition.
Some of the topics we will discuss include the following:
1. What not to put on your cover letter
2. The three sentences you should use
3. Whether you need to use formalities
4. Specific websites you may want to consider using
5. How to network the right way
6. How to build relationships with recruiters
And much more.
We will even have an open question and answer component to the workshop so you may ask any questions you have about how to write an effective cover letter.
Don't waste your time on submitting another job application until you learn the right way to do so. Job seekers waste thousands of hours each and every day and with our help, you can speed up the process so that you no longer have to struggle or be frustrated with your job search.
Let us help teach you the tools you need to become a successful job seeker. With our process, you will gain an unfair advantage over so many of your competitors and hiring managers will love speaking with you.
Should you have any questions prior to the workshop, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to assist you.
This workship is ideal for those out of work, want to change careers, or out of college and need some assistance in building their career.